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A Drenching Self Facial For Sexy Young Paolo - Emo Network

| Admin | April 21, 2017

After enjoying a good long pecker stroke it's only right that a horny young man reward himself with a creamy finish. Paolo is the sexy young star stroking up a big load in this jack off, pleasuring his big uncut cock and getting himself so worked up a messy finish is inevitable. The boy delivers the goods after all that fun, splashing his handsome face with his semen and erupting a massive load all over himself!

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Steve South: Thank You :)

| Admin | April 21, 2017

I really appreciate everyone who helped out with the auto win contest..we did great. I'm happy to have such good friends that have become close enough to be seen as family. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me while I recover from the dental surgery. God bless us and I'm thankful for my blessings.

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Steve South: Not Available These Dates

| Admin | April 19, 2017

4/18/174/23/17-4/25/175/5/17-5/8/175/19/17-5/25/17I will out tomorrow because I'm having 2 wisdom teeth removed.. :(Also, the dates posted after that are travel dates.. I will update this list as we go so you will know for sure when I will be out of town. ;)

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Steve South: Refurishing a House into a Home

| Admin | April 18, 2017

I've decided one of the things I want to accomplish over the next three years is to purchase a house as I've already began acquiring tools to make the necessary repairs. My father is a contractor so I grew up around tools and I've gained experience in the professional world as a carpenter. I can hardly wait to build something of my own. I will take so much pride in every nail I hammer. I'm going to feel so much like a man as I build a home for me and my family. To me, a sense of family and community is important. I don't know that I'll ever finish making this place "perfect" but I will enjoy the process up until...

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Antonino Dibraco: Easter Monday

| Admin | April 17, 2017

well guys heres my report on my easter egg hunt. I did find the golden egg, now who wants to watch me stick it up my chute and lay it just like the easter bunny? yayyyyy. hahaha. I so luv easter. it brings the fun out of me. kisses.

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Antonino Dibraco: Happy Easter Sunday

| Admin | April 17, 2017

Happy Easter everybody. I will soon be going on my easter egg hunt and will let everyone know about all of the kool eggs Im going to find. Wish me luck guys. Im hoping to find that elusive, majestic golden egg. It's out there somewhere. kisses. MUAHHHHH

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Three Gorgeous Boys Who Love Cum! - Emo Network

| Admin | April 14, 2017

You can imagine that it's hard enough for a professional to stay out of it when filming dude like Christian and Devin, horny young Jeremiah had no chance when he was asked to stand in. He starts off well, filming the fun his friends are having, but soon enough his own hard dick is taking control and leading him into the fun, ending with a great bukkake finish we all want to join in with!

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Antonino Dibraco: Easter Egg Hunt

| Admin | April 13, 2017

Im going on an easter egg hunt on easter sunday. what fun. I hope to find a lot of eggs and win the golden prize. Don't forget to tip me all those wonderful easter eggs guys. Ill work hard for them as always. kisses

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Richie West: Feels for Today

| Admin | April 12, 2017

Hey guys! Today has started pretty smoothly except the fact that my phone still has water underneath the screen. I am just thankful that it is still working. I really am struggling to get online and meet more of you guys on cam because I've been having to dip and dodge my roommate and he kinda through a curve ball at me this week. He told me his friend is coming to visit from out of town and now she will be sleeping in MY tiny dorm room for a whole week while he stays at his girls place. Its messed up and he has no common courtesy! I am thankful to be flying home on Thursday and I can't wait to see my family back on the east coast. I hope to see you guys Thursday or Friday night :)

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Dammyann: A Normal Day

| Admin | April 12, 2017

a normal day i wake up in the afternoon because the last day i was working all night ok im new here but really enjoy this place im asking about work in flirt4free i think is the best website for have a really good time i enjoy knowing new cultures and maybe make friends but only here because i not like mix my work with my life i feel how a new personality hehehewell my guys thanks for read my blog bye and have a nice day

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Antonino Dibraco: Easter Cuming Up

| Admin | April 10, 2017

I think I just spotted the easter bunny hopping around. Must be easter soon. wonderful time of year and I hope to collect a bunch of easter eggs this year to celebrate the season. thanks guys. kisses to all.

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Best Friends Swap Uncut Boners - Emo Network

| Admin | April 07, 2017

Corbin is a breeder but curious guy who doesn't need a whole lot of convincing to be sharing his hooded meat with his good friend PJ. The guy2 are into sucking each other off, slobbering all over those uncut European cocks and making each other erupt hot milky loads for a deliciously sticky finish! Watch the two gorgeous stars swapping their jizz at the end of it all!

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Jonathan Oxford: Shoulders and Triceps

| Admin | April 05, 2017

Had a great workout tonight with Dallas grant. Did front raises, seated side raises,rear delt flyes, seated db shoulder press, db shrugs, tricep pushdowns, incline tricep extensions,and weighted dips. Overall an amazing workout and awesome pump. Managed the 60lb db on incline shoulder press for 5 reps. Also went skating for 2 hours before the gym. Now time for a shower and get on cam.

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Antonino Dibraco: Muscle Gain

| Admin | April 03, 2017

To all my fans, I've been working out hard and to start the month of April I put on over five pounds of muscle to my sexy frame. I'll post new hot pics soon on the site soon to show off my recent accomplishments. Let me know what you think guys. kisses.

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Dammyann: My First Blog

| Admin | April 02, 2017

ok let me talk a bit about me im a latin guy im a simple guy i like travel, i like play soccer, i like chat with friends im gay and i think is ok i love be gay and well is my first time here i wanna give the best of me and let that yours know me

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Danilo T: Gym

| Admin | April 01, 2017

well i think, today was a be a normal day but the afternoon i goes to gym and i see a man front the biceps machine. him see me and say. hey guy your body is amazing , then i feel a bit shy and i say him, ok thanks manlater him to be very closer to me and say again, really your body is amazing, but in this moment i lost the concentrations and let fail and disc in his feet, hahaha was funny but the man feel a lot pain . then i feel sorry and help to sit in a secure site y him start to say a history about his life him say me that not have family because they death in a air accident, and say that no have friends because the people think that him is weird, ok in the begin i think this man is only blabla bla and only wants my telephone number but later i understand that is a simple man that only want a friend, and i say . excuseme man what is your name ?him say i am arturo but if u want call me arthur, then i say him ok arthur im santiago, nice to meet you. well and now im thinking to go ride bicycle with my new friend arthur i wanna let some clear here and is that i not like arthur i think is a good man and him and me will be good friendsthanks for read my blog guys.........

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Twink Boys Self Cum Facial - Emo Network

| Admin | March 31, 2017

Big dick twink boy Ayden loves to jack off and shoot his loads, and he loves a good messy spunk facial too! The gorgeous smooth young twink is combining the two for us in this erotically charged solo play session, stroking his long shaft and building his load until his cream is ready to splash from his helmet in a very impressive finale!

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Jonathan Oxford: Upper Body Workout

| Admin | March 30, 2017

Tonight I did an all upper body workout since I been out the gym since Sunday. Did 13!exercises and 44 sets. I did wide grip pulldowns,incline dumbbell press,seated cable row, cable cross overs, straight arm pulldown, db bench press, cable rear delt fly, facepull, standing db press, front db raise, seated side lateral, hyper extensions, and leg pull-ins for abs. Hit a personal record on cable rows 240lbs for 4 reps, incline db bench 75lb db for 10 reps and lat pull down 245 for 4 reps. After all that I'm exhausted lol.

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John Hardon: First Day Back

| Admin | March 29, 2017

First day back in a few years. Still working out the kinks. Lighting volume, etc... Just yoga and a shower for now, Im looking to be a little calmer than before. Diffrent time in my life, new adventures.

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Hotel Room Butt Fuck Buddies - Emo Network

| Admin | March 24, 2017

Hotel rooms bring out the horny in all boys, especially when they're sharing the room with other horny boys! Domminick & Yuri are back from a night out in Hollywood and all they can think about is getting their cocks out for some after-party sucking and fucking. Yuri sinks his hard young dick deep into his friend and gives him a great fucking, finishing off with some cummy facial action that has us all joining in with our own loads.

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Jonathan Oxford: Went Skateboarding

| Admin | March 23, 2017

Today I went to the skatepark by my house. I landed a few new tricks and lines. Im pretty hyped on the clips I got. I'll tell you what skating is exhausting when you skate for awhile. And leaves you sore after all the slams haha. If you're wondering as I'm rambling on how long have I been skating, it's been 13 years. It's hard to believe I know but it's one of my big passions.well anyhow I had a great day and was owing it at the skatepark.

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Brent Duke: Long Time

| Admin | March 23, 2017

so as you know it ahs been over a year since i last blogged nnd over a year since i was last online, however i am now back, and this time with a vengence,.,,,a vengence to be online more and do alot more shows over the next couple of weeks, seven days a week, i have new plans for shows,, instead of sticking to one style of undies briefs,, i have now upped the market to both boxers and briefs, cuz not eveery one like briefs some perfer boxers,, but be warned haha no passion killers in sight no granny pants haha . but enough about the shows more about me, i have been away for a while as i have been busy with life, andtaking care of my dog DUKE who is still the handful that he has always been but i wouldnt have it any other way, love him to much he is my world.. OH i fina,ly got to go to belfast to the titanic exhibit and dry dock, was the best experience of my life SO FAR,,, so for now i shall bid you all a fond farewell and i will be back blogging every day, maybe two of three blogs a day about my day, and daily doings of duke the boxador. so untill i am online later tonight, huggs kisses

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Tayce G: Secret of Big Biceps !

| Admin | March 22, 2017

Hello guys, today i want to talk about how to get a big biceps. So when you want to get a big biceps and ripped one to you need to do what i do to . You need alot of ambition and dedication , hard work in the gym , eat 4-5 meals per day , sleep minimum 8 hours per night and most importing when you work biceps you mind need to be in your biceps and then to be one with biceps and to be always focused on the biceps if you want to grow it . Now i will share couple of my secrets with you . In the gym if you work in that day only biceps you need to do same as me if you want results . Me usualy i do 6 different excercices at biceps when i work only biceps and i start with dumbells curls stand up after dumbells hammer on bench, z bar on bench after that normal bar stand up and in next dumbell curls on kness on bench and i finish with biceps curls on the pulley with both arms. At all exercices i do 5 sets of 12-20 reps . At each exercice i start with lower weight and after i finish with heavyest weight i can and sometimes for pump last rep i do 30 reps for pump at last sets. This is my biceps program guys , i hope you like it and if you want to have a big biceps like mine follow my program and you will see the results , thank you !

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Jonathan Oxford: Hit Arms and Abs Tonight

| Admin | March 21, 2017

I went to the gym tonight and hit biceps triceps and abs. I did hanging leg raises with parallel knee raises and press sit up with 60lbs over my head. Also did different varieties of bicep curls and for triceps I did dips with a 40lb weight. Also did close grip floor press on the smith machine 175lbs for 8 reps. Then went to giant to get my protein in, bought two rocking fuel protein drinks. All and all I had a great workout with a amazing pump could barely lift my shaker bottle when I was done lol.

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Richie West: What I Did Today

| Admin | March 20, 2017

Hey, so today I got a lot done. I created a twitter, Instagram and snapchat for my favorite fans to follow me. I really want to become something in this industry. I already feel a sense of empowerment after starting to work for this company and its a great feeling. I am very excited to see where I will be 6 months from now. Until then, keep up with my posts for special offers and other fun info. Yours truly, Richie West

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