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Chris Gets His Friends Hot Ass! - Emo Network

| Admin | November 21, 2015

Patrick is in the bathroom when his friend Chris arrives looking for some action, and he doesn't even need to ask. Within moments their hard leaking cocks are passing between hungry lips for some excellent head, but the pleasure of Patrick's tight little pucker is what Chris really needs. Easing his length up into his friend he fucks Patrick nice and deep, enjoying his snug chute before the boys kick back and jerk out their semen shots together.

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Solo Cock Stroking With Uncut Eros - Emo Network

| Admin | November 21, 2015

Eros has it all. This handsome bisexual twink is a gorgeous performer who just can't get enough attention, and we're more than happy to watch as he gets his thick uncut pecker out and jerks himself off, building up that tasty spunk load before getting himself into position for a messy self facial that we would all love to join in with!

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Cummy Treats For Dick Suckers - Emo Network

| Admin | November 20, 2015

Brady and Rad love nothing more than enjoying each others hard and wet cocks. The boys wake up with a thirst for cream, but they know how to satisfy their craving as they start worshiping each other and slurping on those hard dicks. The boys love the taste of joystick, but they enjoy drinking those semen loads even more!

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Schoolboy's Crush - Arad -amp; Cody Blake

| Admin | November 19, 2015

It's not easy being in school, dealing with class, parents, teachers, and a daily flood of hormones. It's especially tough if when your classmate is Arad. For Cody Blake, the struggle is way too real. Cody's had a monster crush on the brain-meltingly hot new fellow student since the first moment he laid eyes on him.

He knows Arad is from somewhere very exotic and far away, but he's not exactly sure where. He's noticed Arad hasn't made too many friends so far this year. Cody knows how Arad feels. Being gay, Cody's never felt totally comfortable at his school, particularly around most of the muscle-bound jocks that are always acting macho and making inappropriate remarks. Cody has been dreaming of Arad constantly, and imagining the two of them together, making passionate love. Although Arad is the star of his daydreams, Cody's just too shy to introduce himself.

He does, however, sometimes follow Arad around the school athletic complex as he works out. Cody records video of Arad as he jogs, stretches, and runs speed building drills. The sight of Arad's shirtless body, working hard outside makes Cody's dick stiffen harder than any other time.

Today, Cody's been keeping his distance as usual as he follows Arad around yet again. While recording Arad with his phone, from behind a big, old oak tree, one of the assholes from the football team, Markie More, catches him. Markie yells to Arad, 'Hey, this kid is filming you!'

Cody panics, drops his backpack, and runs off, completely embarrassed and distraught. After Arad tells Markie off, he finds Cody to return the backpack. Cody can't believe Arad was kind enough to return his things, but is still so upset, he can't even look at Arad.

Arad can see exactly what's been going on. He lovingly lifts Cody's chin and pulls his face close. Cody's mind rushes as they kiss. The kissing becomes more passionate and, without thinking much at all, Cody goes to his knees from the bench they were sitting on, and pulls down Arad's pants. His cock is already hard. Cody takes it into his mouth, just as he's imagined so many times, and feels it throbbing between his lips.

He sucks Arad's hard cock for a while before Arad stands him up and returns the favor. 'Wow!' Cody thinks. 'He must have done this many times before!'

The next thing Cody knows, Arad is pounding his sweet, tight hole. Be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime, fairytale experience, as Cody's wildest, schoolboy fantasies cum true. Watch the incredibly sexy Arad fuck Cody's tight, eager Twink ass until both boys erupt in ecstasy.

Straight Boy Cum Facial! - Emo Network

| Admin | November 10, 2015

Plenty of dude love to play with their spooge in private, but we know that already, right bloke? Cherokee is one of those boys who considers himself breeder but there's no denying he loves to get messy with his jizz and spew his own hot load in his own face. Check him out enjoying his own joystick and making mess!

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Straight Boys FleshJack Stroking - Emo Network

| Admin | November 10, 2015

Despite what you might expect, breeder boys can get real horny when they're stroking their cock. Jackson is willing to try some new things in his jack off video, liking the idea of jerking off with a Fleshjack for the first time. He reveals his cock, sinks it into that toy and loves the feel of all those bumps and ridges inside. Working up his spunk load he surprises us all at the end, eating his own hot wad!

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Alone In The Bedroom With Austin - Emo Network

| Admin | November 09, 2015

Boys and their toys! Young teen porn star Austin has a brand new masturbator to try out, and if you've ever used a Fleshjack you know how to good they feel. We join him for a solo stroke session as he releases his gorgeous dick and jerks off watching porn, sinking his bone into the fleshy tunnel and working up a semen load that he pumps into the toy. But he's not done yet, he loves to clean up his own mess...

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Shared Cock Sucking For Straight Boys - Emo Network

| Admin | November 08, 2015

These breeder boys are out of control! Cain and Gabriel are enjoying a shared jerk off when Cain gets cocky and bends over to suck his own cock. Of course when Gabriel sees that his buddy likes sucking cock he offers his own for his friend to taste, and Cain can't say no. One good suck deserves another, and before we know it both boys are sucking on each others cock and splashing their semen out! Cain gets a messy load from his buddy, right in the mouth, after pumping his load out in his friends face. A spooge tasting to finish has us all spewing our loads too!

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Hung Teen Cum Eating Solo! - Emo Network

| Admin | November 07, 2015

Watching a boy enjoying his own big schlong is always joyous, but when that boy is as hung and sexy as semen loving boy Jordan it's enough to have our dicks drooling uncontrollably with anticipation! The gorgeous boy leads us into his room where his dick becomes the main focus of our attention, stroking himself off and trembling as he pumps out a gooey load of twink spunk over himself! How do you finish a horny jack off like that? By tasting that juicy load of course!

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The Pastor's Son - Ian Levine -amp; Rod Peterson

| Admin | November 07, 2015

As Ian sits with his hands folded and eyes closed, Pastor Peterson finishes up Sunday morning service with a prayer. The Pastor's son, Rod Peterson, sits behind Ian, over his left shoulder. Ian has the strange feeling that eyes are on him during the final moments of the prayer. He turns around slightly and notices Rod is staring at him intently.

When the prayer wraps up and the congregation filters out into the foyer, Ian goes into the bathroom to relieve himself. Rod sees this as an opportunity. He hurries everyone out into the garden and locks the door to the sanctuary. When Ian emerges, he and Rod are alone. Ian asks Rod about the stares during the service.

The night before, Ian thought he was sending someone from an anonymous chat room nudes of himself, along with a message about how much he'd like to have sex with a man. It turns out, however, the anonymous guy was actually Rod, the Pastor's son! Rod works his way up to telling Ian that it was him, and Ian is completely shocked. But Rod has been planning to make Ian feel at ease.

He starts by telling Ian that the two of them have the same inclinations. Rod moves in close and the two kiss passionately. Soon they're sitting on a pew, making out and undressing each other. Ian doesn't waste much time before going down and taking Rod's dick into his mouth. Wow, Rod's hard cock tastes better than he could have imagined. Rod can't believe the church goody-two-shoes is slobbing his knob!

Next, Rod gets a taste of Ian's fine dick. Then he turns him around and licks his sweet hole. He gets it nice and wet for what's next -- Rod's big, throbbing erection. Rod slides it in carefully at first, then works up to a good, hard pounding. After slamming Ian from behind for a while, Rod lays down on the pew and lets Ian take a ride. Watch Ian and Rod connect on a brand new level for the first time as they discover how much fun church activities can really be!

Alone Time With Sexy Bryce - Emo Network

| Admin | November 06, 2015

Bryce has had a hard day, but the breeder boy knows how to relieve the stress in the shower. Underwear on he gets himself soaking wet, but pretty soon that str8 boy pecker is hard and demanding some stroking. He obliges, of course, beating his meat and building up to a wet and sticky climax, all finished off with the str8 guy eating his own cream!

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Cum Loving Straight Boy - Emo Network

| Admin | November 05, 2015

Riley and Wiley both started out as str8 boys jacking on their dicks for money, but things have moved on for them these days. Riley is kicking back enjoying his own pecker when his sweet young friend Wiley arrives and catches him. Pretty soon the boys are enjoying a shared stroke, jacking their big cocks together and building up their loads, but when Riley gets ready

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Llicking Up A Load With Welsey - Emo Network

| Admin | November 05, 2015

Welsey has come a long way since he first stroked his gorgeous hooded joystick on camera. These days he's real into cream, stroking off and shooting his loads in his own face or licking up his own messy cream after splashing it out. Check him out in a new solo stroke show, giving himself a tasty treat at the end!

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Wake Up And Jizz On Me! - Emo Network

| Admin | November 04, 2015

Josef arrives to find his friend napping in the studio, and he's pretty eager to get him back up and working. It turns out he doesn't need a whole lot of convincing, just some hooded knob to suck on while his own is gobbled! Josef gives up his tight young ass eagerly, taking a great fucking from his buddy and finishing with some delicious hot semen shots pumping out by the end! Both these bloke are so sexy, if you haven't stroked out a load watching them enjoying each other then you really need to!

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Hung Boys Private Porn Time - Emo Network

| Admin | November 03, 2015

It's happening in hundreds of thousands of teen boys bedrooms right now, they're watching porn and stroking their boners, satisfying their balls and shooting some jizz out. Jake is surfing the net when something horny gets him hard, and within moments he's laying back with his big cock in his hand and stroking out a cream shot. The semen tasting finish might just about be the horniest thing of all!

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Dick Sucking Machine Gets Him Cumming - Emo Network

| Admin | November 03, 2015

Str8 boy Carl has only tried a couple of toys before, but he's getting one of the best in this solo jack off. The sucking sensations he enjoys get him edging that joystick, jerking himself off and building up that heavy semen load. Wat will he do with it when his semen floods out? He's fire it into his own hungry mouth, of course!

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Ryan Gives Ayden A Deep Fucking! - Emo Network

| Admin | November 02, 2015

Ryan and Ayden are an adorable couple, a duo made in heaven. Ayden has a very snug little ass that his friend can barely wait to penetrate, but some rimming and sucking is called for. With that pucker damp with spit and their dicks drooling pre-cum, Ryan eases his pink shaft into Ayden's hole, making the boy cry out as he pumps his shaft into him and gets them both climaxing in a messy finish!

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Skater Boy Gets Some Cum - Emo Network

| Admin | November 01, 2015

Boomer goes further than ever before with his horny skater buddy Riley in this mutual suck session! The boys have a history of jerking their semen out together, and lending each other some dick sucking assistance, but for the first time Boomer is sucking his skater buddy and takes that hot load right in his mouth!

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Jizz Loving Twink Boyfriends - Emo Network

| Admin | October 31, 2015

So we all probably know that Kyros makes a great top, but when he's with Dillon it needs to be a flip flop fuck. We're more than happy to watch the fun too as the boyfriends share their impressive dicks with each other and take those boners to the point of unloading. The horny young bloke love to share their sticky mess when their balls have churned out their creamy wads!

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A Cock Sucking Eake Up! - Emo Network

| Admin | October 31, 2015

If you ever thought that there was any better way to be woken than with a knob sucking, prepare to forget that. Jacob arrives and immediately wakes his friend Aaron with that cock between his lips, and of course it leads to a rampant session of jerking, sucking, rimming and butt fucking with a couple of copious spooge loads pumped out by the end!

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Hollywood Scandal - Preston Burgess -amp; Abel Archer

| Admin | October 22, 2015

He's new in Hollywood, but he's determined to make it. With a yearning hunger for fame, Preston Burgess is contacting every talent agent he can, taking every opportunity he sees to be seen. Today, he's made a call to a casting director named Abel Archer. Preston received Abel's simple, plain-looking business card from a friend. This is his 6th call of the day.

Abel is surprisingly friendly on the phone, making Preston feel at ease from the start. And to his great surprise and chagrin, Abel is casting AND has an opening to see Preston today! Preston cannot believe his luck.

Preston arrives at his comfortable-but-professional office and Abel invites him right in. Being from Montana, Preston isn't used to big-city buildings, nor is he accustomed to meeting with influential men like Mr. Abel Archer.

Preston only tells Abel a little bit about himself before Abel tells him that he's quite impressed. He asks Preston for any headshots, but he hasn't had any taken and wouldn't be able to afford having them done. But it's OK. Abel is a professional and seems to have such confidence in Preston, he's willing to take them for him himself, right now.

During the photoshoot, Abel explains to Preston that in Hollywood, he needs to expect to be doing things he wouldn't normally do. This is how anyone ever makes it in the entertainment biz. Preston is curious about this. When he asks Abel what he means exactly, Abel reaches down and begins rubbing Preston's cock from outside his pants.

At this point, Preston has already taken his shirt off for the photos. And by Abel's actions, he now understands just what he had meant. He decides to allow Abel to continue making sexual advances without stopping him.

The rubbing lead to Abel pushing down Preston's pants and underwear, and taking out Preston's penis. Here, with Preston laying on his side on a couch, Abel goes to his knees, leans in, and wraps his mouth around Preston's member.

That's when the sucking begins. Abel bobs his head up and down, back and forth while sucking Preston's meat. Preston can't stop his penis from becoming increasingly swollen while enduring Abel's treatment. Preston realizes that it does, in fact, feel very good, so he decides to just relax and enjoy it. If this is what it takes to become famous, this ain't bad at all!

Next, Abel positions Preston on the couch so he can spread his butt cheeks apart. Preston continues rolling with the punches. Abel, now shirtless, grips Preston's penis tightly and jerks it a bit. While doing this, Preston feels Abel's face in his ass, with Abel's tongue flicking around near his sensitive hole. 'Wow,' Preston thinks. This is a sensation he never even could've imagined. 'Only in Hollywood!' Preston remarks to himself.

Abel stands up and pulls his pants down, then pushes Preston's face into his own cock. Preston does what he thinks is expected and sucks on the dick. It gets harder and harder while he works it. After doing this for a while, Abel sets him back on the couch and sticks his stiff cock into Preston's tight hole. From there, Abel fucks Preston's ass hard and good for a while. Halfway through, Abel flips Preston around and pounds him while Preston is on his back. It was sure a learning experience for Preston, and hopefully it will land him his first role!

Bubble Butt Massage - Ian Levine -amp; Alex Greene

| Admin | October 07, 2015

In a world where every massage experience is an uncharted course for adventure, Ian Levine makes himself comfortable on a table belonging to one Alex Greene, of the Vineyard Spa.

Ian's heard stories, in fact he's heard particular yarns involving Alex. That's why he's taken special precautions to ensure that Alex will be massaging him today. Once they meet, Alex turns his back so Ian can get comfortable and settle in for a soothing rubdown. Ian chose to wear something scant, sexy, and fun: a playful jockstrap that displays his plump, rounded buttocks nicely.

Alex is indeed enticed at the first site of Ian's gorgeous rear end. He gets right into the rubbing. As the pressure increases, Alex, only after receiving the green light from Ian, pushes the towel off of Ian's backside, completely exposing his sweet cheeks.

Alex massages in an increasingly presumptuous manner, titillating will and eager Ian. It's not long before Alex is face deep in Ian's ass. He licks the tight, pink hole, taking breaks to use his thumb to play with it.

Ian is delighted to have such a hot guy enjoying his tender hole. When Alex moves around to the front of the massage table, where Ian's face is, he pulls out his swollen cock and Ian gladly accepts It into his mouth. All the ass play was making Ian hungry for fat dick, and it came just in time.

After slurping and licking Alex's fine erection, it's Ian's turn to put his throbbing meat into Alex's mouth. Alex gives Ian the royal treatment, taking the firm cock deep into his throat. Then it becomes time for Ian to get the 'deep' treatment.

Alex lifts Ian's legs, slides his dick inside that tight pocket, and fucks it hard. Ian can scarcely believe the power Alex can generate. Every thrust felt like it was coming harder and faster than the last. Soon it was time for Ian to flip over so Alex could pound him doggystyle on the table.

Join this extremely intimate massage session at the Vineyard Spa and find out why the special rubdown packages are being booked so regularly!

Lusty Landscaping - Derrick Dime -amp; Texas Holcum

| Admin | September 23, 2015

Texas Holcum is always complaining about his landscaping job. 'It's too hot out, it's boring, they don't pay me enough.' Well today, he's getting quite a nice bonus! As he moves with a leaf blower around to the back porch of the palatial estate where his crew is working for the day, he notices an open window.

Texas keeps sweeping the red, clay tiles, but can't help but steal quick peeks into the window. He sees a bed and soon after realizes there's a well-defined, nude male body lying in it. He also realizes that the man is relaxing face down. He figures that if he can stay quiet, he can creep closer to the window for a better look at what appears from a distance to be a great ass.Texas puts down the broom, gets closer, and sees that it is indeed a wonderfully plump rump. He decides to pull his cock out, since no one else is around. He jerks for a few minutes, getting it totally nice and hard. Since he's been able to go this far without being discovered, he figures 'why not climb inside the window and get an even closer look.

So he does. And once inside, he can't keep his hands and mouth off that tempting ass. He leans down, still with his stiff dick out, spreads the cheeks and licks that stranger's hole. Resting Derrick Dime, owner of the home, perks up, but doesn't move at first, partly because this tonguing feels so, so good, and partly because he knows if he waits a few moments, he can get this punk intruder right where he wants him.

Derrick flips onto his back after a while. Texas, wrapped up in the moment, takes the opportunity to sample a tasting of Derrick's fine-looking cock. 'Wow can this guy suck!' Derrick thinks. But just as Texas begins getting even more comfortable with this strange man's dick in his mouth, Derrick springs into action.

He grabs Texas by the neck and throws his face down onto the bed. He whispers in his ear, just before he bites it, that Texas is about to get more than he bargained for. Derrick spits into Texas's ass and then rubs his wet hole with his thumb. Texas never could've expected this, but he's definitely liking it! Derrick inserts his swollen, meaty cock into Texas's eager hole and gradually works up the pace into a nice, steady, hard fucking.

After a while, Derrick decides he wants a taste of Texas's dick, so he lays him down and bobs on his firm piece for a while. Then he instructs Texas to climb atop his erection and ride it. He does for a while, then goes to his back so this guy can slam his ass some more.

Join this pair as they let the adrenaline boost their intense sexual passion. And just after the amazing, explosively hot climax, find out what makes Texas freak the fuck out!!

How To Be Cool - Scott Harbor -amp; Kyle Evans

| Admin | September 09, 2015

Kyle Evans is the new boy in town. He's been too shy so far to introduce himself to other guys he's seen, especially Scott Harbor. Scott is the hot boy who's a whiz on the basketball court. Kyle heard Scott was on the Senior Varsity team at his school and is probably the coolest guy alive. When Kyle finds himself at the park with Scott, things get very interesting.As Scott shoots hoops by himself on the court, Kyle looks on from a tire swing. Kyle admires Scott's meat, bouncing all around underneath the thin layer of his gym shorts. When Scott notices Kyle checking out his junk, he does a very conspicuous 'readjust' and gives Kyle a wink.

This made Kyle so nervous, he thought his heart would pump right out of his chest! Then Scott actually came over and introduced himself. Kyle could hardly look him in the eye. He told Scott he was new in the area and Scott seemed to have a wonderful idea. He lead Kyle over to an old barn nearby and took him around the back. When they were out of plain sight, Scott told Kyle that he wanted him to suck his dick. Kyle couldn't believe what he was hearing. His first instinct was to bolt. But he knew how much he would regret it, even if it meant pushing past his nerves.

Scott saw how freaked Kyle was, so he did his best to talk calm him down. Scott asked if he was a virgin, and Kyle replied that he was. This made Scott ecstatic, and finally Kyle went to his knees, pulled down those gym shorts and took Scott's hardening cock into his mouth.

He sucked, just like he had seen done in dirty movies. Scott threw his head back and smiled, enjoying the virgin lips pleasuring his thick muscle.

Scott pulled Kyle to his feet, spun him around, and pulled his pants down. 'You won't be needing these,' he said to Kyle with a grin. Scott spread Kyle's ass cheeks apart and tasted his sweet, tender hole. It felt so good, Kyle thought his dick might burst right then! But it didn't, and Scott began sucking Kyle from behind.

After some of this, Scott stood up and slid his pulsating erection into Kyle's ass. It felt even bigger than it looked. Kyle couldn't believe he was losing his virginity to SCOTT HARBOR! This was his ultimate fantasy.

Join them both behind the old barn and find out what it's like to fuck the hottest guy in town, and what it takes to be cool.

The Lifeguard - Arad -amp; Archer Hart

| Admin | August 26, 2015

Hijinks is always around the next corner at the neighborhood pool, especially when Archer Hart is involved. As lifeguard, Arad, walks down the gravel pathway toward the pool, he hears a splash, then screams of distress. Arad is extremely well-trained in water rescue, so he snaps into the mode of proper procedure.

He sprints to the pool, removes his shirt, and dives in. Archer is floating lifelessly. Once Arad pulls Archer out and administers mouth-to-mouth, Archer surprisingly begins giggling! Arad realizes the entire thing was some kind of prank. Appalled, he asks, 'seriously?'

Archer, still smiling, tells Arad that he couldn't help himself, Arad is just too sexy. Arad's upset, but not made of stone. He can't turn down the opportunity to have his way with such a luscious Twink. The two kiss deeply. Archer moves downward and takes out Arad's hard cock. Arad feels the warmth moving up and down his swollen meat. He lets his hands run all over Archer's naked body.

They move to a pool chair where Arad lifts up Archer's legs so he can experience his ass and dick. Archer can't believe he -- sort of -- tricked the hot lifeguard into sucking his cock and licking his ass! After a little while, Arad stands up and shoves his firm erection into Archer's tight ass. Oh what a feeling on a hot Summer day! This is a pairing you won't wanna miss. Arad's insane body fucking sweet, spirited Archer poolside as warm rays beat down is a memory you'll hold onto to keep warm all year.


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