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Cumming Right In His Own Mouth - Emo Network

| Admin | October 21, 2016

Colby is such an adorable young bloke, with his sweeping blond hair and his smooth young twink body. He's not really as innocent as he looks though, as you probably know already! He proves it again in this long and leisurely stroke show, revealing his solid shaft, jerking himself off and squirting his hot cream right into his own mouth! We all have plenty more cream he could have, and I'm sure he'd take it too!

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Zack And Austin Fuck And Feed Jayden! - Emo Network

| Admin | October 14, 2016

Lucky Jayden is the star of the show as his two friends use him for their entertainment! Zack and Austin team up to give the boy exactly what he so desperately needs, feeding him their delicious dicks, thrusting their cocks into his tight young hole and sharing him between them until they're both ready to erupt their cream shots right into his waiting mouth! Man, these three friends sure know how to have a great time!

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Twink Boy Caught Stroking It! - Emo Network

| Admin | October 07, 2016

Micheal is a great friend! When he catches sexy young Jeremiah stroking his 9 inch knob he's quick to offer more than just a hand! His mouth is hungry for that dick, and his ass can handle every inch of that big stiff boner too! Jeremiah is happy for the company of course, making his buddy spooge a hot load and erupting his own mess all over his back!

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Stroking His Dick On The Job - Emo Network

| Admin | September 30, 2016

Like most boys his age bi skater boy Dustin is a slave to his cock. He should be working, but the warehouse is quiet and his rod is demanding some attention! All the porn around him is far too tempting, his dick is soon out in his stroking fist as he enjoys his own boner and gets those juices flowing. What does he do with all that messy cream when his knob finally squirts off the mess? Check it out, you'll be pumping a big load out too!

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An Impressive Finish With Jerking Boy Curtis - Emo Network

| Admin | September 23, 2016

Solo sessions with horny boys can be good, but this one is great! Handsome and fit young skater Curtis is in front of the cameras for this deliciously hot masturbation session, stroking his hard uncircumcised bone, sliding his foreskin back and forth over his swollen helmet until his spunk is almost there. Do you know what he's gonna do with it? Check it out as he blasts his cream out right into his own mouth! It's filmed from more than one angle too, you get to see that sweet boy juice flowing right into his thirsty mouth in slow motion!

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Ayden Gets A Load From Sucking Buddy Colby! - Emo Network

| Admin | September 16, 2016

Sometimes a horny boy just needs to suck a cock! Forget the fucking for a moment and enjoy the sight of two horny friends totally going to town on each other. Colby and Ayden both love to suck some hard and warm pecker, and they really deliver the goods in this one as they worship those tasty tools until that hot semen is flooding their mouths - to be shared in a wet kiss!

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Cain Squirts Hard And Messy! - Emo Network

| Admin | September 09, 2016

It's hard to believe Cain started out as a curious breeder twink. These days he's a very horny young inked guy with a hairy dick he loves to share. Check him out pleasuring that solid length, stroking his meat and draining the cream from his dong to splash all over his face, and in his waiting mouth too!

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Licking Up The Juice With Shane - Emo Network

| Admin | September 02, 2016

If you know Shane then you know that when he's horny there's no stopping him. He was hungry for the taste of jizz, and not having anyone around to suck the cream from he decided to enjoy his own! Check him out stroking that hard young dong, working his length to a climax and then tasting his own juicy cream from his fingers!

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Fucking His Tight Young Ass! - Emo Network

| Admin | August 26, 2016

Brady really wanted to get fucked by a good top, and when we told Patrick about the opportunity he couldn't wait! The second he could get that boys dong out for sucking he was on it, slurping Brady's boner and savoring the juice leaking from his helmet. Brady is not the kind of boy to turn down a pecker to suck either, so of course it became a great mutual oral action session. With all that horniness in the room Brady's ass was begging to get fucked, and boy did Patrick deliver the goods!

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Getting Into A Jizzy Mess With Twink Ayden - Emo Network

| Admin | August 19, 2016

To look at him you might think Ayden is a little too innocent to be into anything really kinky, but you don't know what this boy is really like! He's into all kinds of horny things, especially spunk. Watch him stroking that hard 9 inch bone and working his way to a cummy finish, splashing his load out and scooping up his fresh cream to eat!

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Anal Fun With Sexy Jayden - Emo Network

| Admin | August 12, 2016

Jayden is not like all the other boys out there, when this twink jerks on his cock he makes it a special event every time! The horny young star gets stroking on that pecker and soon his ass is demanding some attention. With a anal toy sliding in and out the boy gets that load pumping, splashing his semen into a cup and ending his incredible solo with a shot of juice!

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Eight Boy Bukkake Orgy! - Emo Network

| Admin | August 05, 2016

Austin and Phillip are very lucky, they have a few friends who don't mind having their cocks sucked and their cream drained from their balls by those talented young mouths! The boys worship their friends in this eight-boy sucking session, getting loads of fresh jizz splashed all over them before turning to each other for a little more cream!

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Rubbing His Cum Into His Gorgeous Face - Emo Network

| Admin | July 29, 2016

Who doesn't love European boys and their big uncut cocks? Cristian is a stunning example of what you might expect if you were hooking up over the pond, the boy has a thick intact length of fuckmeat and a passion for jizz we can all certainly appreciate! Watch as he strokes his hooded boner and pumps a hot mess of goo from his helmet, then rubs his fresh semen into his face!

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Jerking Off And Squirting Juice - Emo Network

| Admin | July 22, 2016

He's an adorable young twink with a tight hairless body and a big schlong always ready for pleasure! He looks pretty innocent, but don't let that sweet exterior fool you, he's one of the horniest spunk addicted boys we have ever met. Watch him working his big cock and pleasuring his shaft to the limit, spewing out a delicious load that soon finds its way into his mouth!

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Enjoying Some Tight Twink Ass - Emo Network

| Admin | July 15, 2016

Patrick and Chris make an amazing pair, snogging and stripping each other while dry humping to build the pleasure. With cocks out the boys are soon in a 69 of dick sucking and hole rimming, inevitably working their way to the real action. With a little fingering to ease into the proper fun Chris opens his ass and gets that dick deep in his chute, the boys fucking their way to some great spunk sharing action!

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Hard And Wet - Dustin Gold -amp; Liam Riley

| Admin | July 12, 2016

Next Door Twink has teamed up with the award winning Helix Studios, to give you eight sizzling hot scenes featuring some of the best young talent out there. Give your opinion on this twinky collaboration in the comment section below, and let us know if you want more of these fresh faced fuckers.

Liam Riley is in the shower, cleaning his smooth and tight body. He calls out to Dustin Gold for some help on scrubbing his back. Once he joins Liam in the shower, these two studs start to make out. Slowly feeling his partner's getting hard, Liam wastes no time to get down on his knees to suck on his friend's tool.

Dustin wants to prepare the young man for his long cut dick, so he turns him around against the wall and spreads his ass cheeks. He rims that hairless hole, loosening it with his tongue. Ready to take on his cut cock, Liam tells Dustin that he wants to continue the fun in the next room.

Now that the boys are all cleaned up, it's time to get down and dirty. They head to the sofa, where Liam sits on Dustin's laps. Dustin takes his hard thick cock and slides it up Liam's tight hungry hole. He watches Liam bouncing up and down, riding his dick. The young man decides to change it up a bit. He places his knees on a chair and arches his back for Dustin, who is pounding away from behind. Liam can't stop from moaning at every thrust. When he feels that he's about to cum, Liam stands and spills his cum all over the floor. Dustin continues to fuck Liam a little while longer, until he feels like he's about to climax. Before he does, he pulls out of Liam and shoots his load on his twink's back.

Ass Play And A Cum Load To Enjoy! - Emo Network

| Admin | July 08, 2016

While plenty of other boys his age make do with some quick jerking and a cream load jerked out young Jayden really loves to make the most of his solo pleasure. Check out the sexy smooth young guy as he gets his gorgeous dick out, lubes up his ass and slides a sex toy into his chute for some awesome masturbation, and of course it's all finished off with a jizz load pumping out and being slurped!

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Jeremiah Films His Own Threesome! - Emo Network

| Admin | July 02, 2016

If you love realism in your hardcore you're going to love seeing what Jeremiah filmed when he was given the camera and his friends Devin and Christian to play with! He might start off enjoying the live action in front of him but his rod is soon demanding he get in there and have some fun too! It's a great threesome with plenty of cummy action for the boys to share after all that sucking and jerking, ending with some splashes of juice that will definitely have you all joining in!

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What Now, Doc? - Tommy DeFendi -amp; Ian Levine -amp; Tyler Hill

| Admin | June 28, 2016

Next Door Twink has teamed up with the award winning Helix Studios, to give you eight sizzling hot scenes featuring some of the best young talent out there. Give your opinion on this twinky collaboration in the comment section below, and let us know if you want more of these fresh faced fuckers.

Tyler Hill and Ian Levine are discussing their troubles to their sex therapist, Tommy Defendi. Tyler believes that his boyfriend doesn't want to be with him anymore. But Ian disagrees. He explains how Tyler is never around, because he's always at work, which makes him doubt about where he actually is and if it's just an excuse to secretly meet another guy. Tommy assesses that there are some trust issues between the couple. However, Tyler tries to convince Ian that he has nothing to worry about, because he loves him. When the therapist asks them when was the last time they were intimate, Tyler says a couple days, but Ian corrects him and says it's been weeks. Tommy suddenly comes up with an exercise that he thinks will help bring the spark back into their relationship.

To begin, they are asked to close their eyes and to make out with one another. They do what their therapist tells them to do. Then, Tommy wants them to take advantage of their partner's arousal. Tyler gets to work and immediately pulls his boyfriend's pants down, revealing Ian's thick cock. Tommy watches from across the table, rubbing his crotch, as Tyler sucks on Ian's big dick. The twinks get completely naked, not caring that their therapist is in the room. Tyler sits on top of Ian and takes his cock up his ass, riding it.

Ian thinks they could spice up their relationship by inviting their therapist to join in on the fun. Tommy doesn't object. He stands next to Ian, drops his pants and shoves his thick mature cock in his patient's mouth. Ian is about to receive a lot more attention than he expected to have. Before he knows it, he's getting pig roasted by his boyfriend and their horny therapist. Ian sucks on Tyler's dick, while being fucked by his hot therapist.

Tommy only wants the best for the young couple. After giving it good to Tyler, he wants to share his huge rod with the other twink. Tyler switches places with Ian, wanting to try being pig roasted as well. Tommy thrusts his big dick up Tyler's hungry hole. But Tyler holds on tight to Ian as Tommy bangs his rod back and forth inside of him. Watching his boyfriend getting fucked has gotten Ian envious for more. He lays back down on the couch, legs up in the air, ready to go for seconds. Tommy gets on his knees and gets rammed harder than before. Pushing down on his legs, stretching that twink's hole, makes Tommy reach even further inside of Ian's ass. Consequently, Ian can't hold the excitement in any longer and cums. Tommy pulls out and lets his load drop onto his twink's ballsack. To finish it all off, Tyler jerks off and shoots his cum in Ian's mouth. With the exercise over, Tommy tells the boys that they've made good progress this week and schedules to see them next week.

Zack Loves His Own Cum Loads! - Emo Network

| Admin | June 24, 2016

We love everything about young Zack. This handsome and fit young man has a great thick hooded pecker, long and meaty, the kind of cock we would all love to play with. He's a talented boy who knows how to show off, as you can see. He really enjoys jerking on his dick and showing off his self sucking skills as he fingers his own ass, but the condom cream fun is really special. After licking his own big dick and playing with his hole he slides a condom down on his meat and spews his juice into it, then empties his own load into his mouth! Damn, this is one seriously horny semen loving boy!

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They Just Love Sucking Those Loads Out! - Emo Network

| Admin | June 17, 2016

It's all about the cock sucking and the spunk sharing for horny friends Ayden and Colby in this delicious pairing. These boys love to suck and fuck, but sometimes all they want to do is spend some time licking and slurping on those swollen teen boners as they take each other over the edge, filling their mouths with fresh spooge!

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Bare and Blonde - Max Carter -amp; Dalton Briggs

| Admin | June 15, 2016

Next Door Twink presents, in association with the award winning Helix Studios, eight sizzling-hot scenes featuring some of the best young talent out there. Give your opinion in the comment section below, and let us know if you want more of these fresh-faced fuckers!

Lazy afternoons are the perfect time for two blond bad boys to get down. Lazily swimming up to Dalton Briggs, Max Carter climbs out of the pool, his wet body glistening the sun. He bends down for a kiss, before focusing all his attention on Dalton's big cock.

Taking his cue from their heated public moment, Max jumps into the shower to freshen up. Stepping out of the shower, he turns his attention to Dalton, kissing him. Making out first before he gets down on his knees, he services the massive uncut cock in front of him.

Dalton returns the favor, his thick lips sliding up and down on Max's cut tool. Pushing his hair from his eyes, he explores every inch.

Max Carter's hard dick bobs with every step as he moves from the edge of the tub to the counter. Dalton, pushes ito his ass, bare, his long thick cock pounding his ass more and more. Bending him over the tub, Dalton fucks Max's toned ass, slapping against him. Dalton fucks Max raw, fucking his first load out of him amongst moans of pleasure. Max climbs up on top of Dalton, riding him up and down, fucking a second bare load out of him, spraying his cum all over the bathroom.

Dalton pulls out of Max, and cums all over his cheek.

Morning Delight - Andy Taylor -amp; Lucas Owens

| Admin | June 15, 2016

Next Door Twink has teamed up with the award winning Helix Studios, to give you eight sizzling hot scenes featuring some of the best young talent out there. Give your opinion on this twinky collaboration in the comment section below, and let us know if you want more of these fresh faced fuckers.

Bathed in the morning glow of their bedroom, Lucas Owens and Andy Taylor are in a deep slumber. Andy is 'roused first and rubs his lover's body softly, gently waking him. Already hard as a rock, Lucas' morning wood is eager to take on the day.

Intimate kisses, and soft strokes foreshadow Andy's delicate kisses down Lucas' tight toned abs before he happily settles on sucking the big rod in front of him. Andy then takes his turn, face fucking his sleepy eyed bottom before flipping him over to lick his smooth ass. Moaning in delight, Lucas enjoys every second of the deep rimming as Andy gets his hot hole ready for fucking.

Arching his back, Lucas presents himself to Andy who slowly lowers himself down into him, his stiff cock exploring his insides. Flipping onto his side, Andy fucks in full deep thrusts. Lucas moans encouragingly, clearly loving evey inch and every second. He watches Andy's tanned abs flex repeatedly as he shoves into him time after time.

From below, Lucas pulls Andy into him for a deep kiss and Andy literally fucks the cum out of him. Spilling all over his abs, it pools in his navel, the sight of which pushes Andy over the edge. Andy shoots into his hungry bottom's waiting mouth before sharing a kiss and the taste of hot cum.

Kelly Gets Messy With Juice! - Emo Network

| Admin | June 10, 2016

Breeder hoy Kelly has always been a favorite, but he's even more delicious now! He took a break from the business but came back with a vengeance having clearly tried some new things. Check him out stroking that stunning 9 inch hooded rod, getting his load worked up and then erupting his juicy breeder boy load all over his gorgeous face!

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You All Want In On This Cummy Train Fuck! - Emo Network

| Admin | June 04, 2016

This was shot during a truly wild weekend with a gang of str8 boys and rod lovers, but this threesome might be one of the hottest ever filmed! Casey, Hoyt and Kenny waste little time getting to grips with each others dicks, sucking and slurping on each other with the kind of hunger you might expect from horny bloke like these, but it's the fucking that really gets them splashing out masses of jizz for each other! Hoyt ends up in the middle of a fuck train, with his knob in Casey and Kenny ramming his pucker too! Kenny unloads his rod in the condom and makes a mess emptying it out over Casey, but he's not done yet! Casey gets the load fucked out of him by Hoyt and splashes his goo out over himself, licking up his own juices. That has Kenny ready to deliver his second ejaculation, aimed right in Casey's face and mouth, which of course has Hoyt finally delivering his big wad too! I think it's fair to say that Casey is definitely a bit of a semen slut.

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