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What Now, Doc? - Tommy DeFendi -amp; Ian Levine -amp; Tyler Hill

| Admin | June 28, 2016

Next Door Twink has teamed up with the award winning Helix Studios, to give you eight sizzling hot scenes featuring some of the best young talent out there. Give your opinion on this twinky collaboration in the comment section below, and let us know if you want more of these fresh faced fuckers.

Tyler Hill and Ian Levine are discussing their troubles to their sex therapist, Tommy Defendi. Tyler believes that his boyfriend doesn't want to be with him anymore. But Ian disagrees. He explains how Tyler is never around, because he's always at work, which makes him doubt about where he actually is and if it's just an excuse to secretly meet another guy. Tommy assesses that there are some trust issues between the couple. However, Tyler tries to convince Ian that he has nothing to worry about, because he loves him. When the therapist asks them when was the last time they were intimate, Tyler says a couple days, but Ian corrects him and says it's been weeks. Tommy suddenly comes up with an exercise that he thinks will help bring the spark back into their relationship.

To begin, they are asked to close their eyes and to make out with one another. They do what their therapist tells them to do. Then, Tommy wants them to take advantage of their partner's arousal. Tyler gets to work and immediately pulls his boyfriend's pants down, revealing Ian's thick cock. Tommy watches from across the table, rubbing his crotch, as Tyler sucks on Ian's big dick. The twinks get completely naked, not caring that their therapist is in the room. Tyler sits on top of Ian and takes his cock up his ass, riding it.

Ian thinks they could spice up their relationship by inviting their therapist to join in on the fun. Tommy doesn't object. He stands next to Ian, drops his pants and shoves his thick mature cock in his patient's mouth. Ian is about to receive a lot more attention than he expected to have. Before he knows it, he's getting pig roasted by his boyfriend and their horny therapist. Ian sucks on Tyler's dick, while being fucked by his hot therapist.

Tommy only wants the best for the young couple. After giving it good to Tyler, he wants to share his huge rod with the other twink. Tyler switches places with Ian, wanting to try being pig roasted as well. Tommy thrusts his big dick up Tyler's hungry hole. But Tyler holds on tight to Ian as Tommy bangs his rod back and forth inside of him. Watching his boyfriend getting fucked has gotten Ian envious for more. He lays back down on the couch, legs up in the air, ready to go for seconds. Tommy gets on his knees and gets rammed harder than before. Pushing down on his legs, stretching that twink's hole, makes Tommy reach even further inside of Ian's ass. Consequently, Ian can't hold the excitement in any longer and cums. Tommy pulls out and lets his load drop onto his twink's ballsack. To finish it all off, Tyler jerks off and shoots his cum in Ian's mouth. With the exercise over, Tommy tells the boys that they've made good progress this week and schedules to see them next week.

Zack Loves His Own Cum Loads! - Emo Network

| Admin | June 24, 2016

We love everything about young Zack. This handsome and fit young man has a great thick hooded pecker, long and meaty, the kind of cock we would all love to play with. He's a talented boy who knows how to show off, as you can see. He really enjoys jerking on his dick and showing off his self sucking skills as he fingers his own ass, but the condom cream fun is really special. After licking his own big dick and playing with his hole he slides a condom down on his meat and spews his juice into it, then empties his own load into his mouth! Damn, this is one seriously horny semen loving boy!

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They Just Love Sucking Those Loads Out! - Emo Network

| Admin | June 17, 2016

It's all about the cock sucking and the spunk sharing for horny friends Ayden and Colby in this delicious pairing. These boys love to suck and fuck, but sometimes all they want to do is spend some time licking and slurping on those swollen teen boners as they take each other over the edge, filling their mouths with fresh spooge!

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Bare and Blonde - Max Carter -amp; Dalton Briggs

| Admin | June 15, 2016

Next Door Twink presents, in association with the award winning Helix Studios, eight sizzling-hot scenes featuring some of the best young talent out there. Give your opinion in the comment section below, and let us know if you want more of these fresh-faced fuckers!

Lazy afternoons are the perfect time for two blond bad boys to get down. Lazily swimming up to Dalton Briggs, Max Carter climbs out of the pool, his wet body glistening the sun. He bends down for a kiss, before focusing all his attention on Dalton's big cock.

Taking his cue from their heated public moment, Max jumps into the shower to freshen up. Stepping out of the shower, he turns his attention to Dalton, kissing him. Making out first before he gets down on his knees, he services the massive uncut cock in front of him.

Dalton returns the favor, his thick lips sliding up and down on Max's cut tool. Pushing his hair from his eyes, he explores every inch.

Max Carter's hard dick bobs with every step as he moves from the edge of the tub to the counter. Dalton, pushes ito his ass, bare, his long thick cock pounding his ass more and more. Bending him over the tub, Dalton fucks Max's toned ass, slapping against him. Dalton fucks Max raw, fucking his first load out of him amongst moans of pleasure. Max climbs up on top of Dalton, riding him up and down, fucking a second bare load out of him, spraying his cum all over the bathroom.

Dalton pulls out of Max, and cums all over his cheek.

Morning Delight - Andy Taylor -amp; Lucas Owens

| Admin | June 15, 2016

Next Door Twink has teamed up with the award winning Helix Studios, to give you eight sizzling hot scenes featuring some of the best young talent out there. Give your opinion on this twinky collaboration in the comment section below, and let us know if you want more of these fresh faced fuckers.

Bathed in the morning glow of their bedroom, Lucas Owens and Andy Taylor are in a deep slumber. Andy is 'roused first and rubs his lover's body softly, gently waking him. Already hard as a rock, Lucas' morning wood is eager to take on the day.

Intimate kisses, and soft strokes foreshadow Andy's delicate kisses down Lucas' tight toned abs before he happily settles on sucking the big rod in front of him. Andy then takes his turn, face fucking his sleepy eyed bottom before flipping him over to lick his smooth ass. Moaning in delight, Lucas enjoys every second of the deep rimming as Andy gets his hot hole ready for fucking.

Arching his back, Lucas presents himself to Andy who slowly lowers himself down into him, his stiff cock exploring his insides. Flipping onto his side, Andy fucks in full deep thrusts. Lucas moans encouragingly, clearly loving evey inch and every second. He watches Andy's tanned abs flex repeatedly as he shoves into him time after time.

From below, Lucas pulls Andy into him for a deep kiss and Andy literally fucks the cum out of him. Spilling all over his abs, it pools in his navel, the sight of which pushes Andy over the edge. Andy shoots into his hungry bottom's waiting mouth before sharing a kiss and the taste of hot cum.

Kelly Gets Messy With Juice! - Emo Network

| Admin | June 10, 2016

Breeder hoy Kelly has always been a favorite, but he's even more delicious now! He took a break from the business but came back with a vengeance having clearly tried some new things. Check him out stroking that stunning 9 inch hooded rod, getting his load worked up and then erupting his juicy breeder boy load all over his gorgeous face!

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You All Want In On This Cummy Train Fuck! - Emo Network

| Admin | June 04, 2016

This was shot during a truly wild weekend with a gang of str8 boys and rod lovers, but this threesome might be one of the hottest ever filmed! Casey, Hoyt and Kenny waste little time getting to grips with each others dicks, sucking and slurping on each other with the kind of hunger you might expect from horny bloke like these, but it's the fucking that really gets them splashing out masses of jizz for each other! Hoyt ends up in the middle of a fuck train, with his knob in Casey and Kenny ramming his pucker too! Kenny unloads his rod in the condom and makes a mess emptying it out over Casey, but he's not done yet! Casey gets the load fucked out of him by Hoyt and splashes his goo out over himself, licking up his own juices. That has Kenny ready to deliver his second ejaculation, aimed right in Casey's face and mouth, which of course has Hoyt finally delivering his big wad too! I think it's fair to say that Casey is definitely a bit of a semen slut.

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A Fun-Filled Pride - Max Carter -amp; Jessie Montgomery

| Admin | May 31, 2016

Next Door Twink has teamed up with the award winning Helix Studios, to give you eight sizzling hot scenes featuring some of the best young talent out there. Give your opinion on this twinky collaboration in the comment section below, and let us know if you want more of these fresh faced fuckers.

Max Carter and Jessie Montgomery have had a fun-filled time at the LA Pride with their friends. After a day of dancing and kissing, Pride comes to an end, but these two blonde twinks are in need for some extra fun. They decide to turn their energy towards some raw fun in the bedroom.

Back home, Jessie dry humps Max as they passionately kiss. Feeling a bigger bulge under Max's pants, Jessie removes them and starts sucking on his hard cock. Max turns him onto his back and brings his dick to Jessie's mouth, fucking it. They flip flop, giving Max the chance to suck on his friend's thick rod.

Jessie gets on all fours, spreading his ass cheeks. Max rims his smooth bottom's hole, reaching far inside with his tongue. Once warmed up, Max slides his cock far up his friend's ass. Fucking Jessie raw has made Max keen for some as well. Thus, Jessie lays on his back, while Max climbs on top of him, riding his big dick.

Max starts to jerk off, while Jessie barebacks his ass. Before Max showering himself with his cum, Jessie bends down and puts the tip of Max's cock in his mouth, receiving and swallowing Max's juice. Moments after, Jessie pulls his dick out of Max and shoots his load on his bottom's hole. He scoops his cum with his dick and pushes it all inside of Jessie's hole.

Straight Boys Self Facial! - Emo Network

| Admin | May 27, 2016

Alexxx isn't like most other str8 boys, while his peers are beating their meat to pussy porn and shooting their loads in socks or tissues he loves to really enjoy his big schlong and get a little freaky with his warm spooge! The handsome young bloke strokes his shaft and builds the pleasure until his balls are aching for release, that's when he takes aim at his own face and delivers a mess to enjoy!

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A Cock Sucking Orgy For Cum Loving Boys! - Emo Network

| Admin | May 20, 2016

Austin and Phillip become the real spooge sluts in this massive rod sucking party! The boys are hanging out at the pool when dicks start to throb, and before you know it they're sharing an 8-guy rod pleasuring session with so much meat to stroke and suck! Austin and Phillip get splashed with hot juices from all their horny friends before sucking the loads out of each other to finish things off! We would all love to be there to join in,

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Play Nice, Fuck Hard - Evan Parker -amp; Kody Knight

| Admin | May 17, 2016

Next Door Twink has teamed up with the award winning Helix Studios, to give you eight sizzling hot scenes featuring some of the best young talent out there. Give your opinion on this twinky collaboration in the comment section below, and let us know if you want more of these fresh faced fuckers.

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, and Evan Parker and Kody Knight aren't ready for second place! Whether it's a sprint to the jungle gym, or a teasing tickle fight wrestling on the grass or a friendly push-up competition, neither of these college athletes is willing to concede defeat.

Back at home base, they stand at the sink post-freshening. Kody tickles Evan, who coyly lets his towel drop. Kody, replying in kind, brings his sexy adversary close, kissing with both cocks reaching full attention.

Seeking a more comfortable setting they move on to the bedroom, where the playful tickles and wrestles turn to serious business. Evan strokes Kody's cock, and plants tender kisses on his neck and in his ears. Evan moves down Kody's body, licking down his abs, his juicy lips gliding over his shaft. Flipping positions, Kody blows Evan, his breathing labored as his pole is being expertly worked and whose face says it all.

Kody wants to fuck, but they can't decide who's going to bottom first. Letting Evan win for once, Kody agrees to take it for the fist time ever! After lubing up, Evan pushes his thick rod slowly into his athletic buddy, exploring his tight virgin ass. Kody relaxes enough for a soft fucking, but their mouths meet for a moment of sensual kissing before Evan sucks on his dick while his round ass slowly gives in to the pleasure.

Evan takes his turn, sucking Kody's long cock to full attention before they flip and Kody fucks Even's toned ass. Evan loves every inch of Kody's rock hard cock. Fucking from behind, they pick up the intensity. Once again, Evan tops the newly minted bottom. Flipping it around a second time. Kody's ass gets plunged in and out, sending him over the edge as he blows rope after rope of cum all over his abs. Evan can't keep it in, and releases all over Kody.

Andy Makes A Sticky Mess - Emo Network

| Admin | May 14, 2016

Skinny young twink Andy is all about enjoying his own dong and getting that juice from his balls in this solo jack off. He settles in for a nice long stroke, pleasuring his own dick on the couch and putting on a great show for all the fans out there, finishing up with a warm load of twink cream pumped out over himself!

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Virgin Boy Gets That Dick! - Emo Network

| Admin | May 07, 2016

This is something truly special! Johnny is a *mostly* breeder young man who had fooled around with bloke a couple of times but was adamant he wasn't gay. Of course, Austin saw that as a challenge! He joined the new str8 boy in the shower and it wasn't long before he honed in on that tight virgin ass. Sucking rod and rimming the boy out in the bedroom led to him plunging his rod into the new guy and fucking his jizz out of him! Looks like this boy might not be so breeder after all!

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Twink Sandwich - Blake Mitchell -amp; Brad Chase -amp; Grayson Lange

| Admin | May 03, 2016

Next Door Twink has teamed up with the award winning Helix Studios, to give you eight sizzling hot scenes featuring some of the best young talent out there. Give your opinion on this twinky collaboration in the comment section below, and let us know if you want more of these fresh faced fuckers.

It's been quite a week of firsts for slim twink Grayson Lange. Only recently he performed his first on-camera flip-fuck, and now it's time to explore his first threesome! Sitting around talking shop, he, Blake Mitchell and Brad Chase playfully tease each other.

Grayson is nervous, but Blake and Brad take their turns kissing the versatile newbie sitting between them. Brad rubs Blake's pants, commenting on how tight they are. Wrestling them down, Blake exposes his bulging blue undies and comments that Brad had better be up for a good double-dicking. It isn't long before they've formed a oral pleasure chain. Getting down on their knees, both bottom boys tongue Blake's huge shaft. As they team up on his cock head, Blake moans in sweet ecstasy.

Switching it up, Grayson sucks Brad's cock as Blake goes to town, rimming the slim twink's sweet ass. Taking his turn tonguing Blake's muscular bubble butt, Grayson volunteers him to be the first to take Blake's humongous dick. Moaning softly, Brad asks Blake to be gentle, but feeling Brad open up Blake surely ups the tempo, pounding his ass with increasing intensity, his hips slapping against his round firm cheeks.

Moving to a standing position, the boys share each other even more. Grayson climbs up onto Blake, riding him in reverse-cowboy, while Brad sucks his long member. Penetrating Blake first, Grayson pushes his long cut cock between Brad's muscular bubble cheeks. As he gets a good rhythm going, Blake takes his turn penetrating Grayson, who starts fucking himself on his cock all the while he's fucking Brad, forming a Grayson sandwich.

Getting his turn with Blake, he and Brad fuck on the couch. Brad moans, loving every second of it. But Grayson can't get enough of the hot view, spewing his cum onto Brad's shoulder. This sends Brad over the edge, and Grayson leans in over him to take his warm cum into his mouth straight from his cock as Blake fucks it out of him. Blake cums soon after, laying a huge load onto Brad's toned, smooth abs, and Grayson hungrily laps it up.

A Shower Cock Stroke With Ayden - Emo Network

| Admin | April 29, 2016

We all know that boys stroke their dicks in their beds and in the shower - and pretty much anywhere else they can find too! We're in the shower with sexy twink Ayden for this visit, with the boy stroking his long boner and sliding fingers into his tight young ass too! He knows how to get a good tasty spunk load from his cock, and has us all shooting off a load too!

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Skater Boy Gets Two Cocks! - Emo Network

| Admin | April 22, 2016

Micah is one of the luckiest boys alive! The sexy young twink loves to take as much hard cock as he can get, and he's getting plenty of it from Micah and his buddy Alex in this awesome threesome. The duo are in control and determined to use the boy to the limits, throwing him around and stuffing their dicks into his mouth and ass, sucking and jerking him off, and even double fucking his horny holewith both their cocks frotting in his ass!

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Test Drive My Cock - Troy Ryan -amp; Logan Cross

| Admin | April 19, 2016

Next Door Twink has teamed up with the award winning Helix Studios, to give you eight sizzling hot scenes featuring some of the best young talent out there. Give your opinion on this twinky collaboration in the comment section below, and let us know if you want more of these fresh faced fuckers.

What happens when you're on your way to a special shoot and the interview starts on the way there? When our camera man asks the nervous guys if they've gotten a chance to really get acquainted, he opens the door to a full fledged fuck-fest in the back of the truck. And it all starts with the innocent flash of Troy Ryan's massive cock.

After taking in it's majesty, Logan Cross is ready to check it's girth and tries to fit it in his mouth. Sliding his pink lips over it's smooth helmet he sucks his stiff cut cock in the back of the moving vehicle. Troy rubs Logan's smooth back as his thick rod fills the younger guy's mouth, but Troy can't wait to get a taste of his young twink ass. Troy and Logan waste no time getting down to business, and soon Logan is crammed up against the door moaning softly getting his hole wet and ready as Troy's cock jumps in excitement.

Logan climbs on top of Troy, sliding his ass up and down, riding Troy's swollen member. The car flies along the highway as the boys get busy pounding in the back seat, Logan on his back as Troy's cock explores his deep inside. Logan can't help it as the cock fucks him deep, shooting his load as he comes on his smooth chest and stomach. But it isn't long before Troy's cum explodes all over the inside of the truck, covering Logan in a warm sticky mess.

Straight Boy Bryce Tastes It - Emo Network

| Admin | April 17, 2016

All boys at least taste their own cream once, even thought Bryce says he never has he's willing to give it a go and explore things a little in this solo jack off. The str8 boy really delivers the goods, revealing his gorgeous cock and stroking himself off for the dude out there to enjoy, finishing off with a taste of his own load!

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Krist And Turk Take Turns - Emo Network

| Admin | April 10, 2016

When you give a couple of versatile boys as horny as these two a camera and a room to fuck in you know you're gonna get something special! Turk and Krist really get into each other, literally! The mutual sucking leads to some truly awesome mutual fucking as the boys swap their dicks and butt holes, leading up to a great cummy finish for both of them too! You will be joining in with your own messy load by the end of this one.

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Cum Loving Self Sucker Zack! - Emo Network

| Admin | April 01, 2016

Zack is amazing! He's a gorgeous young man with a hot body and a meaty and long uncut knob, and he can suck and lick it himself too! Aside from being an amazing jerk off artist who can pleasure his own dick in ways that make us all jealous, he's also a jizz lover, and a super squirter! Can he get any more amazing?

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An Awesome Twink Threesome - Emo Network

| Admin | March 25, 2016

Ayden is one of the horniest young jizz lovers we've ever met, and he's definitely getting plenty of what he craves with his two friends Kayden and Ryan in this threesome! The boys have one mission, to use his ass and mouth for their cocks to enjoy until their jizz loads are splashing out! Check out the action as Ayden pleases both his friend expertly!

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Emergency Serviced - Markie More -amp; Jackson Cooper

| Admin | March 22, 2016

It's frustrating when your parents are away and your vehicle isn't working properly. Jackson Cooper can't function like a grown up without his car! Luckily, Mom said he could call Triple D whenever he had an issue. Markie More, an authorized Triple D mechanic is arriving to handle the situation and get Jackson's motor more ways than one!

When Jackson meets Markie at the door, he can barely keep his jaw from hitting the floor. Markie is HOT! As Markie works to diagnose the problem, Jackson watches through a window from the house. When his cock begins to swell as he imagines sexy scenarios, Jackson squeezes it a bit from outside his tight jeans.

When Markie comes in to the house to discuss payment, Jackson is surprised and unprepared for this. His mom said the emergency service would be free, but he didn't count on needing a replacement battery.

Jackson sees it as the perfect situation to offer himself to Markie, who fights off the advances at first. But then, in a moment of frustration, Markie decides to give the punk just what he wants. He rips off his work jumper and shoves his hardening cock into Jackson's soft, Twink mouth, fucking the sweet boy's face good for a while.

Then Markie bends Jackson over for a taste of that tender hole. Once it's nice and wet, Markie slides his pulsating erection deep into that eager ass. Jackson takes the mechanic's hard pounding as he laughs to himself about the serendipity of the afternoon.

They move to a comfortable chair where Jackson sits on Markie's fat dick and takes a wild ride, letting his own cock spin like a propeller. And before Markie gets back into his coverall and gathers his clipboard and keys, he's slamming Jackson's tight ass up against the couch, just before erupting warm ooze all over the young adult's face. I think they might wanna keep this call OFF THE BOOKS!

Cum Straight From The Condom - Emo Network

| Admin | March 18, 2016

We all love watching Boomer in action, he's always ready to push things a little more, but this str8 boy went a little further than even we expected in this horny solo jack off and cream eating session! The gorgeous young bloke gets naked, plays and teases us with his uncircumcised joystick, then gets a condom out! Stroking one out with his sheathed cock he spews a generous load of cream into and then does something shocking...

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Big Cum Loads Fo Flip Fuckers - Emo Network

| Admin | March 12, 2016

There's something in this one to please absolutely everyone out there! Fit horny boys Welsey and Eli are full of spooge and needing to get off so bad, but it's okay, they both get to fuck some hot horny little holein this flip flopping session! With both hooded dicks being gobbled and both holes stuffed with cock the two deliver great spunk loads that have to be seen to be believed!

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His First Dick - Johnny Torque -amp; Texas Holcum

| Admin | March 08, 2016

Johnny Torque is one of the coolest guys at school, and a friend of Texas Holcum's brother. When Johnny drops by to hang out with Texas's bro, Texas is home alone. His brother went to the gym, so Johnny decides to hang out and pass some time chatting with Texas.

Johnny takes out a pornographic magazine, featuring photos of naked girls. Johnny sees that Texas is kind of grossed out by the magazine. This is a clear indication to Johnny that Texas MUST prefer boys. Texas has never even had a girlfriend! It all just adds up. Johnny knows that the right thing to do would be to help Texas become accustomed to nice, hard dick.

Johnny's begins the process by pulling out his cock and guiding Texas's hand to it. Texas is so nervous he can barely look in Johnny's direction. But, being the sweetheart he is, Johnny talks softly and warmly to Texas, encouraging him to relax and enjoy the experience.

Soon, Texas is licking and sucking the fat dick, letting his inhibitions slowly melt. The next step Johnny takes is removing Texas's shirt and laying him down on the kitchen table. Johnny takes out Texas's swollen cock and returns the oral favor by slurping on Texas's ripe dick nice and deep.

When Johnny feels Texas is ready for the final step, he bends sweet Tex over the table and slides his pulsating erection into Texas's tight, virgin ass. He works up to a good, solid pace, pounding Texas like good, older friend should.

Next, Johnny sits in a chair and lets Texas ride his dick. Texas sure likes this a lot! He has a bit more control than he did in the last position.

Finally, Tex lays on his back on the table and Johnny gives him a hard fucking. Join this fun learning experience and watch Texas have his very first, but definitely not last, sexual experience with a boy!

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