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Sammir A: My Second Show!!

| Admin | February 24, 2017

Last day in my First show It was nice for the beginning, But I need pleasure to all my customers but I need you petition over the table, You can feel free in Ask me through the email- adress, the most important is this web are the customersAny time and Best Rewards...

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Sammir A: Hi Every Body!!! I Am a New and I Would Like Show My Personality

| Admin | February 23, 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, I feel like pleasing them, I hope so, I looking for the love of my life, Meet people, could be I like to travel to Germany, London and New sexy girls, dance, the party....I like be the Master of domination and be the leader of the pack...Punish with my cock and make blaze ....Oral sex,Melt candle on my skin and my parther too...Today is my first show and i feel a little bit nervousBest RewardsYou best friend Any Time

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Spike Wilson: 02.02.2017 Important Thing I Have Understood.

| Admin | February 23, 2017

I just want to tell U one thing, which have change my mind on Members. Before that day I thought that all of them needs only one thing, and thats too easy to explain by their acts - they always write to models something like "Oh faster get naked", "show ur cock and ass" etc., and thats why I thought all of them think that Models are stupid sluts without soul, they only must show their body and do nothing more at all. So, today I have met a Member, who chenged my mind on it. He had take me in pvt and we talks about 30 mins, just having fun, know each other, have interesting dialog. And we have enjoy it. Then I made a show for him and it was my best show. Just because I enjoyed to do it for man, who can see not only a body, but soul of Model too. Dear guests, be more polite please and U will always have best shows. Trust me.Thank for your attention. With love, cutie Spike.

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Antonino Dibraco: South Florida

| Admin | February 20, 2017

Im going to be hanging out in south florida tomorrow where its warm, the beach is full, and the ocean is clear. If anyone happens to catch me sunbathing at the nude beaches make sure to give me a holler. Don't be shy, you just might be the one who gets lucky and makes my day. kisses

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A Bareback Homemade Fuck Video! - Emo Network

| Admin | February 17, 2017

Most boys make their own videos these days, mostly getting their cocks out and stroking one out. For Preston and Wesley things get far hornier as the boys swap their boners and fuck bareback until they can't stop their cream from spewing out! We get all the action as the boys film themselves having the best fun two bloke can share!

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Bobby Sole: Happy Hippo Day!

| Admin | February 15, 2017

Today we celebrate the third largest mammal on Earth. Some of us become like it after the candies of Saint Valentine :) Some other are still in time to become if you are sweet enough to them! Happy Hippo Day to all!

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Antonino Dibraco: Happy Valentines Day

| Admin | February 14, 2017

Whose gonna be my Valentine? That person needs to make me feel special and wanted, and just maybe ill fall in love with that lucky someone. Love is in the air. I Can feel it and cant wait to spend time with my honey this valentines.

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Steve South: Goals

| Admin | February 12, 2017

So, I think I have decided on my strategy for the year of 2017.. I do not want to participate fully in all of the contest. After a decent amount of thought I would truly like to focus on daily wins. The daily contest and spending time with you guys is much more important to me then winning the week long contest. I do want to win big in July as it's my birthday month. I'll be focused and trying my best to continue to give as much of myself as humanly possible.. I love you guys and what we do here at flirt4free so much and I wouldn't trade it for anything.. Very happy to be growing closer and closer to the gentlemen that spend time with me in a private room. I'm very used to people being wishy washy in my life so the stability has somewhat restored my faith in the human race... Thanks for the continued support! I'm so grateful and really just blessed.. Lucky. I don't know but I'm happy even when my head tells me I'm not! Ha! My fans have my heart!!

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The Hung Boy Is Thirsty For Cum! - Emo Network

| Admin | February 11, 2017

When you love spooge as much as hung young twink Jase does even a good jack off finishes with a tasty load down his throat! The hung young star gets his big cock out and rubs his meat for us, making us wish we were there to lick and suck him. When he feels the pleasure rising he gets into position and puts his pucker in the air (so tempting!) pumping his hot fresh cream right into his open mouth! Damn, this horny emo boy knows how to enjoy himself.

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Dave Hill: My Personality #1

| Admin | February 10, 2017

I am really passionate and exciting man. I have an emotional strength and vulnerability which many find to be highly attractive and uniquely sexy. I am also deeply caring and sympathetic lover and I will do anything for a partner whom I am in love with.

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Mario V: My First Day at Web

| Admin | February 10, 2017

I was working in the kitchen for some time before i knew about webmodeling .I was not realy sure about switching my profession but my exboyfriend was sure that finaly i will be a web model.BTW i am so exited of my first day.

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Antonino Dibraco: V-day Cumming Upp

| Admin | February 05, 2017

valentines day is cumming up guys. I wonder whos gonna be my valentine this year. I have a feeling cupids gonna shoot me right in the ass with his bow and make me fall in love with a lucky person this year. whose it gonna be?

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Ceder Jones: World Travels

| Admin | February 04, 2017

So, I guess I'm going to start a blog about this. I have thought about it before and actually started creating a website at one point to document all of my travels but my computer died, so I guess it's time to start it again on here. I hope you all will enjoy my travels throughout the world. At this point I have been to 13(?) different countries and have loved each and every one in its special way... actually that's not true... I did not like 1 of the countries I have been to, you'll have to wait to read all my posts to find out which one... so, in chronological order, the countries I have visited are: USA (born and raised), Mexico, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Spain, UK, Romania, Cyprus, Germany, Ukraine, Italy, France and the Netherlands. I think that's the order anyway... I may have mixed 2 of them up since they were within a couple months of each other and I don't remember which one I went to first at the moment. Anyway, you'll have to tune in next time to see where I have been and what I have done in the US. I have been to 13 states and the District of Colombia. Stay tuned for next time! I really hope you will enjoy them once they are all written. :)good night one and all!

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Cum Swap For Butt Fucking Buddies - Emo Network

| Admin | February 03, 2017

Ryan loves fucking a hot butt, thankfully there's no shortage of friends who want to ride that dick! His buddy Evan can't wait to get on it, but not before the boys have shared some sucking. The gorgeous twosome gobble those boners and Evan opens his ass for his friend to fuck, but although it's enough to have us all jizzing the jizzy finish these boys share is what really gets us all blasting our cream out!

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John Austin: Work

| Admin | February 01, 2017

So update on work. I get into the office and my 1st sgt looks at me and says "you look like you've had a busy morning" being my first time on here, i look at him and say " you don't even know" lol new chapter in life has begun. All my fans are making it worth it.

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Antonino Dibraco: My Bush

| Admin | January 30, 2017

Ive been thinking about shaving my bush. It needs at least a trim. I know a lot of people say they like it but Im looking for a change. Look at the bright side guys it will always grow back. hehehehe.

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Chriss Bucci: I Signed Up) I Love Communication and Sport)

| Admin | January 29, 2017

today is my first day of work) I am new in this field. I am very interested in new discoveries, new acquaintances. I love to take care of their body. I like sport. I do not have bad habits. I'm here because I have a need for money and I like when you look at me. I love pleasure, I love to make other people happy. I am open to everything new and unusual. add me to your bookmarks. I really want to be friends with you, have a nice time together.

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Bareback Boyfriends Cum Hard Together - Emo Network

| Admin | January 27, 2017

Devin is a handsome young guy with a great body and an amazing rod we would all love to take a ride on! Hoyt is his lucky young boyfriend getting the opportunity to show us all how they do it in this amazing bareback fuck video. The two guy2 are stunning together, sucking cock and fucking out their loads, finishing up with Hoyt taking a well-deserved splashing load to the face!

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Mario Lopez: The Feeling About New Profession

| Admin | January 26, 2017

After first working day i was a bit stunned and only this morning i got normal. I hope this day will be a bit easy for me and i will find thoose who is intrested not only in my body but also my soul. also i will play on piano a lot while i will perform.

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Antonino Dibraco: Avn Awards

| Admin | January 21, 2017

Id just like to congratulate the models who are out in Las Vegas right now for the adult entertainment expo. I know they deserve to be out there representing flirt for free for their great achievements camming on the site. I was planning on taking a trip out there this year but couldn't make it. I definitely want to be out there for next year's expo if at all possible.

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European Cum Lover Timmy - Emo Network

| Admin | January 20, 2017

Whether he's jacking his boner, sucking rod or enjoying some great anal action with another star Timmy is always a delight to watch. Enjoy his very special spunk-loving solo play video, pleasuring his young solid cock, building his load up, finally taking aim at his own face and mouth and making a hot creamy mess for us all!

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John Lowe: Monday Morning Bright and Early

| Admin | January 16, 2017

woke up this morning with my cock raging with a boner thats so hard i feel as if its going to rip out of the skin. So I called veronica scott 8 up. she answer the phone with such a sexy voice. She knew exactly what i wanted. So she came over in only a overcoat. She rang the door bell and i answered the door and scooped her up by her ass cheeks and slammed her into the wall and crammed my hard cock in her. then i continued to pound it against the wall for a little bit. Then we went up stairs and she dropped to her knees begging for the cock and kept trying to take it all the way down to the balls. I picked her up and turned her upside down and started sucking and licking that clit like no tommorow. it wasnt five minutes and she had already came too many times that i had her cum running down my chin all the way to my stomach. We fucked from 3 am till about 20 minutes ago. when we finsihed i swear it looked as if she was convulsing on my bed. She couldn't take anymore pleasure. fucking awesome morning. she's still laying in my bed because she still isn't able to walk straight yet. I'm thinking about going back in there and fucking her ass hole until it looks like a big gaping cave.................... ADDICTED TO SEX AND LOVE IT

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John Lowe: Just Woke Up and Had a Pretty Long Night Filled with Sex.

| Admin | January 13, 2017

I'm exhausted. I was up having sex from the time of 12am till almost 5. Then i just woke up and got my usual long shower and cleaned off. Im about to go and lay in the tanning bed for a little bit and get some coffee and come back and start broadcasting at 1 after my workout. Love to please you sexy bitches.

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Hung Cum Lover Marke Treats Himself - Emo Network

| Admin | January 13, 2017

Marke is a very horny young man, always looking for some bone to suck and some jizz to drink. He's shameless when it comes to drinking loads, he's the resident joystick sucker among his friends. We get a great jerk off with the boy as he fingers his hole and strokes his big hairy cock, building his jizz load until he's ready to squirt it right into his own mouth!

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John Lowe: This Morning Jan 8

| Admin | January 12, 2017

woke up and got online and broadcasted for a little. enjoyed all the company and the bj from veronica this morning ......damn. she can suck a cock. day is going great now and plan on getting back on this after noon

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