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Cum Sharing Twink Boys! - Emo Network

| Admin | August 11, 2017

Krist is probably the luckiest boy here, but we would all gladly take the position of any of these gorgeous young stars! The boys are sucking and jerking on those hard young dicks, but soon Krist is taking on each as they take turns to fuck him. With their spooge loads ready to pump the boys jerk out their juices and share their fresh cream in a delicious cummy ending!

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Straight Jock Drinks His Cream! - Emo Network

| Admin | August 04, 2017

Lex is a very handsome and very horny young athlete with an amazing body. The young str8 guy started out in porn enjoying his big schlong and he soon found a lot of fans who wanted to see a lot more of him. Check him out enjoying his big meat in this solo jack off video, showing everything off and enjoying himself until his hot milky load is gushing from his boner. Can you guess where his semen goes" Yeah, right in his own mouth!

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Straight Uncut Jock Tastes His Load! - Emo Network

| Admin | July 28, 2017

He's a gorgeous str8 guy with an amazing body and a great uncut rod, and he's always ready to deliver a hot load for the dude too! He's one of those boys who would never turn down some fun, even with another guy. Watch a great solo with the star, hauling out his big hooded meat and jerking his cream from his big jock dong, finishing his solo perfectly with a taste of his own gooey goodness!

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Woken Up With A Blowjob! - Emo Network

| Admin | July 21, 2017

It's the best way to start the day, being sucked off by a friend who wants to make you jizz. It gets even hotter when another friend arrives just in time to join the oral sex pleasure, leading to an amazing threesome of hooded bone sucking, butt fucking and horny spooge splashing fun as all the boys blast their cream out for each other!

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Flip Flop Fuck Buddies Take Turns - Emo Network

| Admin | July 14, 2017

Robin and Michael are a great match, the two horny young stars can't get enough of each other and both of these boys want a boner up their butt! It leads to an amazing mutual sucking and fucking session between them, with both taking a ride on their friend and finishing their pleasure together with a creamy ending we would all love to add our own jizz to!

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Austin Gets His Own Fresh Semen - Emo Network

| Admin | July 07, 2017

Austin is a gorgeous young guy, one of the horniest too. When this handsome boy gets his dong out for a stroke he really doesn't hold back. While other boys might have a quick five minute tug this boy really goes at it and finishes up with a taste of his own warm and delicious spooge load. We would all love to feed him ours too!

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A Tasty Treat For Hungry Boys - Emo Network

| Admin | June 30, 2017

This is what happens when two gorgeous and horny young twinks live together! Colby and Turk find each other in the kitchen late one night and their urge for hard young pecker soon takes over. With lots of sucking, butt fucking and cream squirting, the boys satisfy their needs in the middle of the night!

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Bi European Boys Fuck Out Their Loads - Emo Network

| Admin | June 23, 2017

No wonder Jerry and Sonny are fuck buddies, both these bisexual boys are gorgeous and no sane guy would be able to say no to either of them! The boys reveal their hard young uncut cocks and waste no time sucking each other, but that's only foreplay. Soon Jerry is sliding into his friend and fucking him deep leading them to a semen splashing finish that's so delicious to watch you'll be erupting too!

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Splashing Straight Boy Cum With Patrick - Emo Network

| Admin | June 16, 2017

He's a show off, a gorgeous young breeder European guy who we think gets off on the idea of making other dude out there cream. He's kicking back and enjoying some breeder porn, stroking his hard young hooded bone, splashing out a big messy load of hot semen from his dick and making a great mess of himself in the process!

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The Tasty Secret Sauce In His COCKtail - Emo Network

| Admin | June 09, 2017

Sexy young European Cristian works in a bar, he's still learning but he wants to make a special cocktail he can put his own special name to. For that he needs a special ingredient, but we're not sure this one will make it past health inspectors! It would be great for some very horny private parties with him serving the drinks though!

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Top Boy Jordan Plugs His Friends Hole! - Emo Network

| Admin | June 02, 2017

Jordan is a sexy young top boy giving his horny friend Jesse a great fucking in this delicious duo, starting out with some awesome mutual dong sucking to get those dicks throbbing and oozing, then sliding in and delivering an amazing fuck. Hold your own cream back for the creamy finish these boys share, they'll have you gushing out a mess of jizz with them!

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Cock Sucking Buddies Cum Together - Emo Network

| Admin | May 27, 2017

The shower is always a horny place for a sexy young man, but when you have two boys sharing one it's going to be even more intense! Colby and Dylan can't resist those hard young cocks, jerking and sucking each other, licking and gobbling their boners and getting their cream gushing! Dylan takes a hot load of young cream right into his mouth, then jerks his own load out onto the shower glass before licking it up!

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Swimmer Boy Gets His Load Out - Emo Network

| Admin | May 19, 2017

Lex gets so turned on during swim class he always need to bust a load out as soon as possible. We think it's because of all those other boys with bulging dicks, or maybe he gets turned on in the showers after, whatever it is we love seeing him enjoying his own bone and satisfying his needs. Watch the teen busting his load out and join in with him!

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Blake Rimers: Getting the Hang

| Admin | May 16, 2017

So I've been on here a couple weeks now, and just starting to get the hang of it. Still a newbie though, so still open to all (nice) suggestions, comments, etc. Learning the "if they ask for a cock shot, get the money first" idea LOL. Why do so many guests demand and don't want to help a new cam boy help? If you are new here too, cum watch my show at and register, it's so easy! Let me know how I'm doing. Til next time ;)

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Antonino Dibraco: Dreaded Monday

| Admin | May 15, 2017

Tomorrow's Monday but I actually don't mind. I'll be chilling at home online in my chat room pretty much all day. Most people are headed to work but I'm lucky. Monday's for me are my relaxing day off. So feel free to visit me in my room guys and make me feel the sexy man I am. kisses.

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William Chester: First Time on Film Today

| Admin | May 14, 2017

Hi everyone I'm excited and a little nervous, I'd love to hear if I turn you on, it makes me feel sexy. Leave me a really good suggestion to perform for next time and one of you will be sent a Deal Code for my next adventure next weekend.

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Blake Rimers: Ginger Blake's First Time Cam

| Admin | May 14, 2017

Hey guys, thanks again for checking out my page. I just started on about a week ago, and so far have 3 shows down. Not many credits though. Hopefully I can change that once I get more experience and especially more fans. Redhead/Ginger boy here, I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing lol. Keep watching, let me know what you think, what you want to see, whatever you got I am open to it. Keep watching for more updates :)

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Antonino Dibraco: Ridestrongx

| Admin | May 13, 2017

I want to give a shout out to one of my best customers RIDESTRONGX. He's so generous, tips me all the time while he loves to cyber fuck me and watch me blow my big load for a kick ass ending. He really knows how to make a hot man feel special. MUAHHHHHH. kisses baby.

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Bi Boy Gets Some Ass And A Cum Load Too! - Emo Network

| Admin | May 12, 2017

Gorgeous boys Jerry and Michael are a perfect match, but you'll know that when you see these boys sharing their hard young uncut cocks in this awesome video. The boys wank and gobble those boners, but the sight of Jerry sinking his dick into his friend and fucking him senseless is what should have you gushing a load out. Stick around for the gooey finish though, it's totally delicious!

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James & Finn Bane: First Blog

| Admin | May 12, 2017

So today we wanted to take a moment to start our blog on here. We have been on a few times and done 5 privet shows. We were a bit concerned that our love for each would drive away our single viewers but the community could not be more supportive we are soo happy to share our love and our sex with you!!Finn & James BANE

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Antonino Dibraco: Time to Hit the Beach

| Admin | May 11, 2017

Beach weather is back. yayyyy. Time to strut my stuff and show off my hot bod at those sandy Florida beaches again. Let me know if I pass you guys by and if I do give a shout out. luv you guys. kisses.

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Lucas Ali: Sex Begets More Sex

| Admin | May 07, 2017

Is it just me or is it when you all have sex, does it make you want to have more sex or are you spent? Because for me I like to hold my orgasm, run through a bunch of the sexual encounters and I don't come in till I'm sure I'm done. I just had sex with and older dude. Do you like to do a flip fuck I don't really like that generally but with him it's all right because of certain benefits that come along with it you know what I mean. Anyway he fucked me for a little while and then pulled his dick out and came all over my crotch and on my ass too. now I got a major hard on he's gone but I'm feeling hot and so I'm up on cam right now. Come join me please.

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Antonino Dibraco: Last Day of Fiesta De Mayo

| Admin | May 07, 2017

I appreciate you guys that have tipped me those yummy shots and now its the last day of fiesta de mayo and I'd just love to receive more shot glass tips. Ive got a nice little collection going on and I wish for a few more. So lets do it guys for the gipper. I've been working hard and deserve to get really drunk. Im so naughty. HEHEHEHE.

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Brent Duke: Darkness into Light

| Admin | May 06, 2017

hey guys and gals its that time of year again, DARKNESS INTO LIGHT 5k walk in aid of Pieta House, self harm prevention, this is a cause that is very dear to my heart as it means not only alot to me but my entire family, as we know what it is to loose family members this way. every single year me and my famly all do this walk together, and tonight will be no different,, on saturday 6th at 4,am we are going to be walking for the charity, and so will my best boy duke, he also loves doing this long walk as he gets to meet other dogs along the way, ok straight to the point, any creds or tips i make over the next 3 days will be kindly donated to pieta house, i do this every year i always make a big donation, so please help me out getting them a nice happy one this year, if you wish to make a donation then go to the tip section of my bio and donate as much as you can, as every little helps with such a great cause, please be kind in doing this, as any tippers will be kindly rewarded by myself on monday morning with v.i.p status for one week, for every tip recieved, love huggs and kisses brent duke,. xxxx

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Ashton Aaron: Boy Drama

| Admin | May 05, 2017

So most of you know that I've been seeing this guy for a while now, and want to make it official. Well things are as confusing as ever XD I stayed over at his place the other day and he went back and forth on whether to take me home or not, and then decided to take me on a date :p which was nice.. but it's very obvious he doesn't quite know what he wants.. but at least he always chooses to end up spoiling me XD

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